Prezi as in Creativity


In ESL classes, one of the most important competencies is C1: interact orally in English. To develop this competency, the students are asked to do team work, cooperative learning activities, and also, oral presentations. When it comes to do oral presentations, everybody knows the famous PowerPoint program with key words and images. However, there is much more than that, once you get to know Prezi, developed in 2009, every other oral presentations program loses their sense. Prezi is, according to me, the most original way to present a topic to a classroom and catch the attention of the students and the teachers.

Prezi is more than a simple oral presentation tool, it’s a way to connect your ideas together, make links and avoid boring lists of key words. Instead of simply writing key words down, the students can make links between each point and have the possibility to interconnect concepts that are better captured as a whole with many parts.In other words, students have more flexibility with their presentations. They can choose to make the slides come one after the other, but they can also go back to a slide and make links with two themes. Prezi becomes a map for the students, it is designed like a graphic more than like a linear presentation.

Also, not only it is well organised for the person who presents, but it is visually interesting for people who are watching. There is a gigantic variety of backgrounds people can choose to go with their particular subject, and they also have the possibility to create their own presentation if they prefer. Once the background has been chosen, you can add pictures, videos, PDFs, and more. Then, you can zoom them in and out to show images or a texts closer to the class and put emphasis on a particular thing. Plus, prezi can be very interactive in a classroom because it is compatible with SmartBoards, which means that students can stay in front of the class and click on the SmartBoard while doing their presentations.


Now, I’ve mentioned all the benefits students can have by using Prezi, but teachers can also use it in a classroom environment and make classes and homework more interesting. Since Prezi is an online tool, students can have access to it at home, which means that teachers can, for example, give a presentation with Prezi in class and put it online so students can study the material with it. A teacher can also decide to give homework on that, but it might not be the best tool for this purpose.

If you are still not convinced of the use of Prezi in a classroom, you can have a look at this YouTube video: The idea of Prezi is simple according to them: Ideas matter. Also, talking about YouTube, Prezi might seems a bit complicated for beginners, mostly if people are not used to working online. It is however easy to find answers to your questions on the Prezi channel on Youtube. It gives advices and ideas to use Prezi in a useful and interesting way.Also, you can click here to find the steps to start using Prezi easily.This link also gives you goods reasons to use Prezi in education.


Finally, I definitely recommend teachers to try using Prezi in a classroom, simply because it is creative, colourful and dynamic for the students and it gives people freedom to deliver their content the way the thought of it at first. As a future ESL teacher, I will definitely suggest my students to use Prezi rather than a simple program like Powerpoint. I like modernity and creativity; two things that can be found in Prezi!


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