YouTube, a useful tool to use in a classroom?


YouTube is probably the most used website around the world when it comes to watching videos. With more than 350 millions views every months, the website can conquer anybody with all its different channels and categories. Personally, I use it to listen to music, watch T.V. shows, watch funny videos, and I also refer to YouTube when I don’t know how to do something such as find an option on my MacBook or learn how to cook something. That being said, I believe that YouTube can also be useful in classrooms, considering it offers such a variety of videos.

As an example, in about 1 minute, I found a video on YouTube that gives you good reasons to use it in a classroom environment. ( As said in the video, it opens you on the world and helps you discover new cultures. It also teaches you things in a different way than just listening to the teacher. It obviously does not mean that everything should be taught by YouTube, but it might be a good tool to make research, clarify some questions students may have, or give them information about their future desired career.

Talking about career, I am currently doing my first practicum, and noticed that my paired teacher uses YouTube quite often. At the beginning of every class, he shows either a funny or a music video in English to break the ice with the students and catch their attention. He then has a little discussion with them about the video, which makes them talk in their second language about something they like and can refer to. Also, the 2nd grade students learn English mostly by singing, and the teacher can find a large variety of video for the children on YouTube. I believe that it is really interesting for them to have a visual support when they learn and to be able to watch it at home with their parents.

Also, by doing some research, I found websites giving really good ideas of how to use YouTube as a tool in a classroom. For example, on (, I found ideas like giving the opportunity for students to go deeper. For example, a teacher could create a YouTube account that students have access to and post videos related to the content seen in class. This way, student could go and watch it either if they did not understand properly in class or if they want to know more about the subject. This website also gives a lot of other ways to use YouTube in education, feel free to have a look.

Another website, ( is very interesting because I learnt there that YouTube actually has an educational section to which teachers and students can refer to (  Everything is very well organised and there is a lot of very interesting stuff to use in class. As a future teacher, I would definitely try to use YouTube as a tool to vary my class content and give the students the chance to get very familiar with media such as YouTube.

Finally, I would recommend using YouTube in a classroom environment to teach the students and show them videos, or even for the students to go on their own and discover new things. Of course, everything has to be controlled by the teacher and by the parents at home. However, I believe that teachers should at least give it a try and see if it could be useful for them. They could be happily surprised!


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